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Posted on March 24th, 2008 by The Venus Factor Download

Obesity is a selective disease. With smoking, drinking, drug use is of the same class. We are most of the people on a diet, is the cycle of failure to fail again. Decreases fatter more often cause. We need to learn how to not fail.

To succeed, is the need of self-confidence. Because many times we weight repeatedly, confidence has been give yourself apart. More have no confidence, the more prone to failure. Every time fail, we will be much less for their self-confidence, a vicious cycle of completely. Now the first step is to stop this vicious circle.
We all know to give yourself a definite goal to lose weight. The most common is that we will say, I want to lose 20 pounds this month. I need to get at the end of April to 95 pounds. It sounds very encouraging yourself. Calm down and ask yourself, however, in addition to a few people, if 99.9% of a month to lose 20 pounds. If we let yourself on the path of a certain failure. A lot of things is not anyone can do it, they can do it. Think about it, did any of your friends every day to eat junk food of high quantity of heat, can be like a bamboo pole or thin. Those nice in fact vague and not realistic goals will only cause we failed again and again.

Self-control and energy, emotion, will be finished. Now think about to set up how much a coincidence that dish at home can force sugar trap. Now how many snacks around in your self-control is not short of consumption. Fat is not without reason. We did not cause fat environment there will be no fat people. We should stop this trap calculating its. Don't make yourself stronger. Our mill is thinner than paper self-control is can't withstand the temptation

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Hard day to lose weight. Home tired and hungry, and a plate on the table looking at each other eyes of sugar can force. Consume their self-control. As we all know, lost must be our last. Not only will the artful can force the sugar to eat, also very abhor myself. Will said to the mirror, you really hopeless, go to dead.